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Avoiding Water Damage to your Property

Posted on January 10, 2019 at 4:00 PM

Water damage is the second most common home insurance claim in the United States with an average of 1 in 50 homes filing some sort of freeze

or water damage a year. The cost of these claims on average is just under $10,000 and the time it takes for a company to come and completely

dry out your home approximates to 3.5 days. The costs financially, and to ones time, of water claims is so great that taking a little effort to mitigate

these types of risks are well worth it. These mitigation activates include:


Checking your water bill for any abnormal spikes in use, replacing the hoses on your appliances every so often, get an annual inspection on your

water heater, especially if it's an older one, know where your main shut-off valve is to your home's water supply in case of an emergency, clean

your gutters so water doesn't back-up and drain into your home's foundation, and lastly, if you have a sump pump, test it at least once a year.


There are many ways to spend your money on gadgets nowadays, and this incudes water monitoring systems that reduce the risk of a water claim

on your home. The two I'll mention here are Smart Valves that shut the water off if they detect any bizarre water usage, and Wireless Leak

Sensors that can tell your smartphone or tablet if they detect any moisture in their area(s) of monitoring.         


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