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Tips on Disaster Recovery

Posted on January 25, 2019 at 5:15 PM

Tips on How to Recover and Survive and Disaster!

Step one is you need to take action!

Be aware of what could possibly happen around you, like if you live by the ocean get educated on flooding, if you live in a forest be aware of the risk of forest fire.

Sometimes you have to abandon your home for an extended period of time and you need to be aware of that fact and prepared to do so.

Have a support network.

Make sure you know what everyone in your household is capable of doing, and not doing; for example someone with bad asthma might not be able to run to a car parked 2500 feet away during a forest fire that's belching out smoke.

Know what you're going to do with your pets.

Know the stuff you own!

Take videos of every room in your house; discussing every important item in there with where you purchased it and approximately what you paid for it etc.

Have a list written out to go with your video.

Keep receipts for your items and keep information that go along with them like serial numbers, warranty's etc.

Keep all of the above in a safe place, like the could or a safe deposit box.

Update your list and video every so often.

Make Connections!

Talk to the family about possible disaster scenarios that could occur in your area.

Include your neighbors in your support network, especially vulnerable populations like the elderly, neighbor kids or disabled neighbors.

Tell everyone in your support network exactly what you require and expect of them in various emergency situations.

Get help wherever and whenever you can; don't be shy about asking for it either.

After a serious event occurs in your life, make sure to re-adjust your support network.

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