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Tips on what to do on hail and your home

Posted on May 12, 2019 at 11:55 PM

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Hail season is once again upon us. Here are some tips you can use to limit the impact hail can have on you.


• Before a Storm happens be sure your trees are well maintained and your gutters are clean from all debris. Bring any exterior property and lawn furniture inside or under a roof.


After a Storm

• Inspect the damage and check for leaks; put a tarp over the damaged or leaking area asap.

• Make sure when you call a roofer they can provide references and are an established company in town.

• Call at least three different contractors to give you estimates before you choose one to go with, and never pay for an estimate.

• Always talk to your local insurance agent and at least three contractors before making a claim to ensure the damage you have will be covered by your insurance company.

• Use the same contractor you originally had do work on your home if you were satisfied with the job they did.

• Never hesitate to ask your local insurance agent if they can recommend a contactor to you, often they know reputable companies operating around town.


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