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Tips on what to do with hail and your auto

Posted on May 12, 2019 at 11:55 PM

The Insurance House


Hail season is once again upon us. Here are some tips you can use to limit the impact hail can have on you.

- Leave your car IN your garage. Clean out your garage, carport or whatever you have to keep your vehicle in a covered space. You don’t want your car looking like this guys!

- If you have no garage or carport try to park under a large roof or a stable tree that may keep some of the hail off your vehicle.


- If you have no trees there are some car covers out there that advertise they help limit hail damage. During a storm throw your floormats on your windshield to stop the glass from shattering, or find some blankets to drape over the car.


- If you’re driving and see a hail storm coming be sure to get to cover immedialty. Car wash ports and gas stations can be good pull offs to get under. So can a trip to the local mall to use the parking garage.


- Sign up for local weather alerts so you can be prepared at work or when traveling that way you can avoid the storm.



In conclusion hail storms are costing Colorado billions of dollars every single year. To keep insurance rates stable it would be best if we do what we can to limit the damage hail causes to our homes, cars, and business.


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